- hello -
I wanted to have an interactiv map of the Round-the-world motorbike trip we did with my girlfriend so I started looking at what was available. Since I could not find what I wanted, I decided to create a simple tool to create tracks based on Google Maps. It was also a good excuse to play with buzz techs (Ajax, mashups,...) after nearly a year afk :).

On www.petiteviree.com/googmap you can create a 'track' : store a journey path ('track') and put some text / images / links on points you visited (see example below)

First, you have to create an account, receive your password, and create your track. The track is stored in a database at petiteviree.com.

On each point making the polygon (track), you can add some text, an image, or link to a page of your blog.
- You get an url for the page showing your track.
- You can embed the map in your webpages as an iframe.
- You can directly get a KML of the track for GE.
- Your visitor can then see the track, and go from point to point.
see an example
test edition
login / create account

An alternative would be to use GE to create a kml file, and ask Google Maps to display it see how.